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Animated Atrocities: The Real Thomas by finalmaster24 Animated Atrocities: The Real Thomas by finalmaster24
Show: Regular Show
Episode: S6 E8
Year: 2014

Writers: Calvin Wong and Ryan Pequin

Chief Complaints: A**pull of Thomas being a Russian spy and the biggest waste of a great character.

Do you ever felt that Thomas would be a great addition plus being the A-Okay boyfriend for CJ then suddenly an episode is made that literally twists Thomas's plot to ridiculous ends? I do, and it's horrible. This is by far the worst example of how not to do a plot twist. Everything set up for Thomas is put to waste (and don't even think about Thomas Fights Back, because there's no way it sets him up as a Russian spy) and my dreams for him is ruined.

By the start of Exit 9B, we already get an established story for Thomas, but when this episode comes, there's literally no foreshadowing, everything looks improvised, and retcons seem to be more evident than the plot twists. I could tell that the story is definitely not the problem, nor the characters, but the thing about how Thomas is treated in this episode just shows that this is a rare occasion when the fanon involving Thomas remaining as park worker is much better than Thomas is revealed to be Nikolai, a Russian spy.

I really felt that the makers of Regular Show would just listen to their fans, because I don't see anything wrong with Thomas as CJ's boyfriend by the end of the series nor I see anything wrong with him as park worker as well. Other than that, the episode really isn't that horrible, just the setup and plot twist is bad.

Cringe-Inducing Audio: 0
Cringe-Inducing Visuals: 0
Laxkluster Writing: 8 (It felt improvised to lengths)
Annoyance: 3 (I'm hurt by canon, alright)
Distrubing Content: 0
Unnecessary Cruelty: 0
Rancid Morality: 0
Low Procution Values: 2 (I don't see a thing put into the plot twist)
Unfortunate Implications: 0
Character Derialment: 10 (Thomas revealed as Nikolai alone is that bad)

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Animated Atrocities is owned by :iconmrenter:
cartoonstar92 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016
Finally someone Who hates this episode like me
finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016
I don't hate the episode, but the heavy plot twist.
Jaylop97 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And this is why I hate it when Regular Show wants to go the extra route to look cool it always goes bad, because their effort is really all over the place.
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August 26, 2016
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